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What is Aoi Bune?

Aoi-bune is a boat-shaped hollyhock, the family crest of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and was a symbol of Sumpu Castle.
Aoi-bune patterns were used in various places, such as the decorations on the castle walls, and on top of castle gates.
In addition, Aoi-bune was actually used, such as navigating the waterways within the castle grounds.

Aoi-bune is an important symbol that symbolizes the history and tradition of Sumpu Castle.
It is also known as a symbol of Shizuoka City. Various locations in Shizuoka City
You can see the Aoi-bune monuments and designs, which are treasured as the pride of the region.

Introduction of boat

The wave pattern and the white brush lines behind the family crest are designed to give a sense of momentum.
In addition, we added hollyhocks and dogwood, which are the flowers of Shizuoka City, to express Shizuoka’s uniqueness.

Outline of Aoi-bune hull

full length 6.73m engine power 7.3 kilowatts
full width 1.8m ship quality frp
depth 0.51m Capacity 11 name